Welcome to THRIVE April Edition

Turning your Passion into Profit is a Reality

At PassionProfit we equip individuals and organizations with skills tools to create, manage and grow successful world class organizations.  The world has become a global village and organizations that are globally minded are more likely to remain on the cutting edge.


PassionProfit is an entrepreneurship development organization and our programs are all designed to foster sustainable growth and peak performance which include:

  • Business Skills training for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs
  • Linkages to finance and markets through our strategic partners 
  • One on One coaching ann consulting by various industry experts
  • Talks for investment groups, business clubs and events focused on business growth.
  • The Profit Network - business mentoring network for business owners

The Profit Network

The Profit Network is a Business Mentoring Networking that mentors small and medium sized business to optimize their potential through:



  1. Mastermind Groups

  2. Proven strategies to generate more referrals for your business

  3. Free SME Clinics

  4. Free Weekly Business Newsletter with educational tips on how to increase your profit

  5. Acess to Foreign Trade Shows and Expos

  6. Access to quick business loans from PassionProfit Capital

  7. Continuous business education and personal development

  8. Group insurance 

  9. Business Webinars from the comfort of your home or office

  10. Monthly Business Training

  11. And much much more

Contact us today and find out how you can join the fastest profit making network! visit a chapter for a test drive. More Details...